Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shutterfly Plug

This blog post is brought you by Shutterfly - perhaps the most awesome photo related site on the web. We use Shutterfly to host all of Parker's pictures. We created a password protected cite so that our family - namely her Grandparents - can order whatever they want from the shots we took.

That was really the first reason we started with them. Then we realized all the cool stuff you can do. Their photo cards are SUPER-EASY to make and edit. We've used them for birth announcements and holiday cards. We ordered some big collage prints in Parker's early days to capture just how much she was changing, and now all the Grandparents get a Parker themed calendar for Christmas (sorry future cousins - we call dibs).

In a word, or really several - they are great. And best of all, they are running a promotion where if you write a blog about your Shuttefly uses, you get free stuff. Check out the links below and be sure to visit their website.

Christmas cards to

· holiday cards to

· Christmas photo cards to

· photo albums to

· photo mugs to

· birthday party cards to

· Choose your own card/invitation and URL from our Cards & Stationerypage

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